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Meet the team

Several key players in the queer landscape of Eindhoven are involved in Eindhoven Pride. 
From left to right, let's introduce:

Benjamin Ector (chair)
As chairman of COC Eindhoven and region Benjamin is known within the field. He now also uses his administrative experience for Eindhoven Pride.

Johan Stribos (secretary)
Founder and Chairman of Queer 040, where he has given Eindhoven's nightlife a huge boost by organizing various parties and activities.

Claire O'Brien (treasurer)
Claire, originally Irish, was one of the initiators of 'Queerhoven'. The association is successfully committed to an open, diverse and friendly Eindhoven.

Yema Lumumba
Yema was also at the forefront of founding Queerhoven and has supported and led various initiatives that fall under this, through which many queer people have been able to find each other.

Bas Berends
With DayDayGay (a pun on DDW) Bas brought queer culture to the design festival. DDG has since organized parties and activities throughout the year and is often requested by festivals such as Zwarte Cross.

Lenka Bachoríková
Cultural prize winner Lenka brought Ballroom, a dance competition in, among other things, voguing to Eindhoven and has thus enormously broadened the queer spectrum of Eindhoven.

Rik Verhalle
City expert Rik has three Queer Salons co-organized that aimed to make connections between various queer organizations in the city and region.

From left to right: Yema, Bas, Johan, Lenka, Benjamin, Claire & Rik.

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